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13 Tips to improve your YouTube channel

Have you heard the latest trends on social networks? YouTube is now more popular than Facebook among teenagers. Only 51% of teenagers in the United States use Facebook while 85% of them are active on this video platform purchase 200 youtube likes. So maybe it's time to rethink your social media strategy.

The Contentworks team has created videos for several financial services brands and managed their YouTube channels. With that experience, Charli Day shares her best tips to attract, interact and convert from your YouTube channel.


These strategies will help you get more people to your channel.

1. Customize your channel

Yes, I know it sounds pretty basic but it is one of the most important steps to start building your community. If someone visits your channel, it is important that they clearly see your brand presence. Also, if someone searches for your brand, finding it will be much simpler.

2. Add subtitles

Do you know exactly what audience you are targeting?

You have to speak their language! To reach more people, and if your budget allows, you can hire someone who can help you subtitle your videos into other languages.

If you're not ready to take this step, you can simply add automatic subtitles. I recommend using a script. Here is a video with an explanation of how to do it.

3. Create relevant playlists

This is where most brands go wrong on their YouTube channels. They create content, upload it to the platform and simply create lists with their videos.

You need to create playlists with relevant content related to your brand.

For example, the Apartment Therapy channel contains several lists that allow you to more easily find what you are looking for, “organization” or “how to”, etc.

4. Add an awesome trailer for your channel

The trailer for your channel is the first thing that visitors will see when they access it and it will play automatically even if they are not subscribed. What does this mean? It means that it must be truly amazing to capture the attention of your visitors and make them know what your channel is talking about.

You can add a custom video for your brand or even highlight one of your most popular videos. Check out this example from Buzzfeed Tasty did here.

5. Use annotations wisely

Annotations are the boxes that appear on videos when they are playing. Maybe you can add something like “Subscribe today” or “Go to next video.”

This is one of the most powerful tools available on YouTube that can help you feed your subscriber list. But be careful, many annotations or elements of this type can be annoying for those who are watching your videos. People want to see your content without being distracted every 5 seconds by a new phrase.

6. Do not exceed the appropriate length

Engagement is about communication between a brand and its fans. But, when it comes to YouTube, we're talking about visitors watching your videos.

Wistia conducted a study in which it considered 564,710 videos, and more than 1.3 billion views to find the appropriate length. They revealed that interaction peaks 2 minutes into a video, because a 90-second video will be much better than one that is only 30 seconds long. This is something you need to remember when creating video content. We understand that your product has many functions, why not spread them over several videos?

7. React to comments to win over your fans

The main part of the interaction with your customers is the comments. Once someone comments on your posts, tweets, and videos, you'll know they're interested in you.

So don't ignore them. Add your channels to Agorapulse to monitor everything from one place – you can also add all your channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+ and LinkedIn!

From there you can see/accept/reject/hide your fans' comments and even respond or assign each of them to other members of your team.

8. Use Analytics to guide your strategy

If you have a special budget to allocate to your channel, this is for you. There are many amazing video marketing tools that can boost your strategy.

TubeBuddy , for example, is a great tool for processing content, using templates for your videos, emojis, default images, etc. The price is quite reasonable to boost your channel. If you are not ready to purchase yet, you can use the free version. It is much more basic but useful.

Another amazing analytics-focused tool is Bird Song Analytics . With this tool you can see the analytics of your videos, export reports and create much better content. You can also spy on your competition.

9. Embed your videos on your blog

When you add a video to your YouTube channel you shouldn't forget to promote it so that more people reach it.

It is best to add it directly to your blog or website. Find the video you want to add and click the icon to insert it.

10. Promote your channel everywhere

Although we have already mentioned it, it is worth repeating: promoting your channel on YouTube will help you get new and more subscribers.

If you just upload your content and forget about it, you are missing out on great business opportunities. When you upload a new video, the first thing you should do is spread the word on all your other channels: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, everywhere. Schedule some posts that lead to your content directly from Agorapulse.

11. Use Instagram to dominate image searches

Instagram is another popular tool, but how do you use it to reach your goals on YouTube?

Simple – create posts for each of your playlists. Post your content with a link to the relevant video and add necessary and relevant hashtags so that more people can find your content. A good quality image and a link to your video are a powerful formula to capture the attention of new subscribers.

12. Offer incentives to your subscribers

You already have an army of followers on YouTube, how do you get them to consume your products?

How about organizing a special offer?

Use YouTube annotations to add a special offer to your video. Look at this example from the New Look store:

Your subscribers can get special offers without it seeming like a very forced promotion, more like an exclusive benefit. Additionally, subscribers can access discounts, limited edition items, special information, etc.

13. Don't forget about campaigns with influencers

Marketing with influencers has not gone out of style and is gaining more and more strength. Charlo's agency recently created content for one of PewdiePie 's videos and his collaboration with SGamePro.

With more than 63 million subscribers, PewDiePie is one of the 5 most popular YouTubers in the world. This popularity has a very high value when it comes to reaching a new audience and promoting a product.

Boosting your channel by hiring an influencer can be a good idea, although it is not a cheap strategy. In addition, you must choose very carefully that the influencer you choose correctly reflects the values ​​of your brand.

You can use the “Fans and Followers” ​​section of Agorapulse to tag your followers, identify influencers and create the best strategy for your brand.

As exciting as an influencer marketing campaign sounds, there are many factors you should consider before launching your campaign.




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